We prefer to build smaller, simple websites.  All of our sites are built with a personalized touch. You can specify color, background image, button style, and much more.

CMS example

We provide a content management system in all of our sites You will be able to edit and update your pages without the added expense of the web designer doing it for you.  The editor is similar in many ways to Microsoft Word, a program that many are accustomed to.

We also provide a tutorial on how to use the editor.  You will be able to insert media (Youtube) and fancy thumbanils. Click on the example thumbnail on the left

Big Sky Boxers Website

This site was built with the breeder's own Boxer images in the template. The breeder requested hover images on her front page.  When you place the mouse arrow over the images, they show a different view of the dogs.

Because of our CMS, she is able to update her puppy images on her own and is able to change the content as often as she likes.  Go to our portfolio's page  for more information.